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Cable Assemblies

Price : INR 100.00 / 100 Piece(s)

Cable Assemblies

We have in our store an assorted range of Cable Assemblies that is available with us in many different varieties. We are a celebrated Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer and Supplier of Cable Assemblies from Delhi, India. As far as the cost is concerned, our Cable Assemblies are provided at the market-leading prices. When it comes to delivery, we make all the specific arrangements that will allow timely deliveries



High Frequency Cable Assembly

High Freq Cable Assembly 18GHz WC03 Flexible Cable Assembly
  18GHz WC04 Flexible Cable Assembly
  26.5GHz SB 142I Flexible Cable Assembly
  26.5GHz SS402 Flexible Cable Assembly
  26.5GHz WC12 Flexible Cable Assembly
  26.5GHz WC13 Flexible Cable Assembly
  40GHz WC16 Flexible Cable Assembly with Armor
  40GHz WC17 Flexible Cable Assembly with Armor
  40GHz WC20 Flexible Cable Assembly
  40GHz WC21 Semi-rigid Cable Assembly
  141 Multi-Flex Cable  Assembly 20GHz
  RG 400 Flexible Cable Assembly 12.4 GHz
  RG 400 Flexible Cable  Assembly
  WC01 Flexible Cable Assembly
  WC02 Flexible Cable Assembly
  141 Multi-Flex Cable Assembly 33 GHz
  NFBP Series RF Coaxial Cable
  NFBX Series RF Coaxial Cable
  NFWP Series RF Coaxial Cable
  NFX Series RF Coaxial Cable
  NYBX Series RF Coaxial Cable
  SFCJ Series RF Coaxial Cable
  SFT Series RF Coaxial Cable
  SFX Series RF Coaxial Cable

High Frequency Cable Assembly

  • 1.85mm M TO 1.85mm M 40 GHZ Cable

  • 2.4mm M TO 2.4mm M 40 GHZ Cable

  • 2.92mm M TO 2.92mm M 40 GHZ Cable

  • 3.5mm M TO 3.5mm M 40 GHZ Cable

  • SMA M TO SMA M 26.5 GHZ Cable

  • 141 Multi Flex Cable

    Desc : 141 Multi Flex Cable

    Operating Frequency 33GHz
    Frequency 0.4 1 7 10 15 20 GHz
    Attenuation 0.23 0.37 1.15 1.44 2.09 2.25 dB/m
    Capacitance 29Pf/Ft
    Velocity of propagation 70.6%
    Shielding Effectiveness 100dB (max.)
    Conductor Resistance 19.3 Ohms/MFT at 20℃(max.)
    Impedance 50 ohm